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Minus the two shots of the steam engine, this film was shot completely inside a studio in London. A crew of 6 built the sets from scratch. We used Back projections along with lighting effects to create a sense of movement. We were also lucky enough to shoot a real steam engine. Maya was shot on 35mm Black and white film.

Writer & Director: Naina Panemanglor
Producer: Raghav Pasricha
DOP: Pratyusha Gupta
Camera Operator: Gerardo Guerra
Editor: Deep L. Gurung
Production Designer: Ana Rocha de Sousa
Cast: Tanmay Dhanania, Shanaya Rafaat, Yusuf Saleem, Sriram Lakshman
Sound Recordist: Mariam Al Sarkal
Assistant Director: Debjita Dhar
Music: Sarathy Korwar
Make up: Myrto Theofanous- Valhou

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