Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel


Hardik studied to be an engineer, but figured quite quickly that filmmaking is where his heart is. A director with a natural gift for story-telling, he has a knack for making filmmaking look easy. But the hard work, precision and vision that go into his work is unmistakable.

Hardik has shot extensively over India throughout his career, from small towns and villages in Himachal and Leh, to the ravines of Chambal, and the streets of karaikudi; he has shot with old faces and new; for big brands like HUL, Reliance, Microsoft and Cipla, Parle, Isprava, L&T, GE.

The most unique property of cinema is how it lets you mold time, whether it’s over a long or a very brief period.

Richard Linklater

Maia Estates

Building lives and beyond

Hands. Music. Hands. Sound Design. Hands. Cut. 

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Laxmi SMR

House of Spices

Reminiscing ancestral recipes using the most authentic ingredients, this film was created to cater to south east asians living in America. 

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Adda 52

The game is on

Having the creative liberty to push the boundary, this campaign for Adda52 put some ‘rush’ back into style and treatment for digital advertising. Shot in black and white and catering to the youth, this film was a blast to work on.

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Baby ko rakhe dry

We quickly learned that on this set, baby called the shots and baby was boss! 

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Breathe (with Football)

Action packed, real faces and a very real problem. Our attempt to encourage children to not give up on their hopes.

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Parle Mazelo

Waterless Holi

As brands get environmentally conscious a film about two friends trying to make a difference.

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Breathe (with Swimming)

Action packed, real faces and a very real problem. Our attempt to encourage children to not give up on their hopes.

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Covid-19 has brought Running Cow films and Rolling Can productions together around our shared passion for film and a determination to end hunger. We managed unprecedented access for our DOP to the heart of Mumbai during lockdown to give you a glimpse of the harsh reality on ground and the determination of our Mumbai-ites.

Special thanks to Naseeruddin Shah

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Imagination at Work

3 cities, 7 locations 5-day shoot, and a plethora of visual effects generated in just 1 week. The result? A film that expresses the scale and vision of a corporate giant, made on a tight budget, and delivered in record time 3 weeks from brief to client approval.

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Salaam Bombay Foundation


When Mrinalini Somaya met the children of Salaam Bombay Foundation, she quickly realized they were forces to reckon with. Their talents were an inspiration to her and “We,” a fundraising concert was born. This is a peek into Mrinalini’s inner journey along the way.

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Hope Samaritan

A initiative to help and educate people across different sections of the society.

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Hindustan Unilever


With restricted storytelling for some brands, your advertising aesthetics and narrative storytelling come to play as seen in this TVC for the HUL brand, Rin.

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It was great to work with Hardik as his creative involvement right from scripting to the last sound sfx was impressive. His attention to detail in every frame and getting the best performance from his actors make him standout among his peers.

Bhavisha Davda & Niharika Pandeymi Wadhwani
Nibha Entertainment

Sikkim Manipal University

A heartfelt story in which the protagonist has a sincere conversation with the audience. Shot in Bangalore, this film was made for once of the biggest educational institutes in the country.

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XOLO Mobile

Diwali Dhamaka

A TVC for smartphone makers Xolo, celebrating the patriotism that goes along with their brand. Diwali celebrations, a tailor shop and the forests of Cherrapunji. Fun and diverse montage situations made working and collaborating on this TVC an exciting affair.

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