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Bebasi – Samira Koppikar

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The music video for Bebasi was made by largely by an All Women crew. From the cinematographer (Maulshri Singh), the Art director (Purvisha Peshwe) and the Line Producer (Priyanka Bhuyan) and finally the singer herself, Samira.

Client: Samira 

When the Melody & Lyrics of my first Song “Bebasi” as a Singer Song-writer came alive Visually & met the Vision that I had… I realized that Naina has a Unique Talent. Not only did she understand the Soul of our Music she expressed it in a way that was aesthetic, subtle & tasteful.

Samira Koppikar

Singer, Composer & Producer: Samira Koppikar
Director: Naina Panemanglor
DOP: Manju Parvathy Iyer
Screenwriter: Naina Panemanglor & Varun Narvekar
DOP: Maulshri Singh
Assistant Director: Priyanka Bhuyan
Production Manager: Swapnil Karhade
Art direction: Purvisha Peshwe
Stylist: Iqbal Khan
Makeup: Neeraj Navare Hair
Stylist: Rekha Chauthani
Editor: Chandrashekhar Parab
Colour Grade: Siddharth Meer

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