Mummy ko sab kuch pata hota hai

EESL – Mummy ko sab kuch pata hota hai

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Scripted in house, based on the insight that every mom has an instinct to save her pennies for a rainy day. This mommy teaches us a thing or two about LED bulbs . Watch out for more of these and let’s see what mommy discovers next!

Client: EESL

It’s easy to find a production house in a city of so many. What’s far more rare is to find a partner that handles every brief, regardless of budget, scale or challenge, with heartfelt creative and the hard, diligent work of craft. I’ve loved every chance I’ve had to work with the Running Cow team.”

Amanda Mooney
Associate Creative Director, Edelman

Agency: Edelman
Creative: Amanda Mooney
Script: Anushka Shivdasani Rovshen
Hindi Script: Pawan Sony
Animation: Lightlifters
Sound Design: Dipanshu Roy, BOING

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